12 Candy Books That Make Math A Treat

Do you want your child begging to do math? We’re not saying that candy is always the answer, but it can be a fun — and sweet way to help your child “see” the answer. Make practicing math a treat with these book recommendations.   M & M’s Brand Counting Book by Barbara Barbieri McGrath … Continued

DO YOU KNOW…the different multiplication strategies your child is learning?

Most of us learned how to multiply by memorizing the multiplication tables. We all know that it’s a different world today. While memorizing the tables helps, it’s important for your child to understand the concept of multiplication or in other words, their multiplication facts. Since children learn in a variety of ways, they are taught … Continued

DO YOU KNOW…the different types of word problems your child is learning in K-2?

In today’s math classes children need to understand and explain their thought process, rather than memorize or even just “do” the work. They will learn a variety of strategies to solve word problems. When a child is able to explain their thinking, they are able to make the jump from concrete to abstract thinking. Here … Continued

BACK TO SCHOOL: Will your children be ready?

It’s wonderful to have the unstructured time of summer to relax, however as summer draws to a close, your child needs to get ready for the start of school. Here are a few ideas to make the transition easier. Get into your school routine. Two weeks before the start of school gradually roll back bedtime … Continued


  DID YOU KNOW… Your child can lose one to two months of reading and math skills if they don’t continue to practice (and learn!) over the summer. Sometimes this is called the “summer slide”.  (greatschools.org) Children who read four or more books over the summer perform better on reading comprehension tests when they return … Continued

Homework versus No Homework for Elementary students

  A conversation taking place, today in the world of academia, is whether elementary schools should be assigning children with homework.  There is research that suggests, particularly for the earlier years, that homework is not necessary for children – that the work done at school is enough. The research indicates after school time should be … Continued

Parents, Make Teacher Conferences Most Helpful for Your Child

During the academic year, most schools in the U.S. invite you to come in for regular parent-teacher conferences. Look at this meeting as a good opportunity to build a strong partnership between you and your child’s teacher. Together you can build confidence in your child, as well as academic success. The goal, especially in the … Continued

The School Guides Halloween Activity Sheets

After trick or treating, print the appropriate Halloween Activity Sheet and follow the instructions while counting Halloween candy. It’s a sweet, fun and educational way to connect with your child! KINDERGARTEN Talk about the different categories of candy in your child’s bag. Then have your child sort the candy and explain how they decided to … Continued

Calling All SMRT Parents

Well, as our babies grew into children, our quest for knowledge transferred from bottles to books, from mommy & me classes to after school activities. As our children moved from kindergarten to first grade, we became aware of the drastic changes made to the school curriculum from our years. And so, we at SMRT, in … Continued

Calling All First Grade Parents

This is where it all (really) starts! In first grade our children learn the fundamental building blocks that lay the foundation of their education.  A child’s experience during this year impacts their confidence and interpretation of themselves as a student. First grade is so critical…that’s why we created The School Guides. The School Guides is … Continued