Fun, Fractions and Thanksgiving


Children remember more of what they learn by doing.  Help math come alive by involving your child in the preparation and serving at Thanksgiving. Years of research show us that learning happens best when children are actively engaged. Here are our recommendations!

Remember:   “I see and I forget. I hear and I remember. I do and I understand.” –Confucius

WHAT’S THE FRACTION?   A pie is the perfect fractional shape.  Be sure when talking about fractions, all pieces need to be the same size.  There are 6 pieces of pie total and 1 is cut away from the pie, so the fraction is 1/6.

 WHAT’S THE FRACTION? Using a variety of objects children can “see” the fraction. Remember the denominator is the total number of objects.

ADDING WITH FRACTIONAL STRIPS. To find the common denominator, children can practice with all the different strips until they find the one that will work evenly with both fractions.

PATTERN BLOCKS These are a great way for children to see the relationship between different blocks. So, 2 trapezoids equals 1 whole, 6 triangles equals 1 whole and 3 rhombuses equals 1 whole.

We have included pattern blocks, fractional shapes, and fractional strips for you to use at home.  Have fun exploring fractions with your child!


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