WOW! Where did the summer go?  Now that we’re in August it’s time to get your kids into the school routine!

Here are a few tips to make the transition easier.

  • Continue with your summer reading and math practice.
  • Writing is one of the more difficult skills for many children. Create a family writing time where everyone writes about one summer event or activity they enjoyed. By writing as a family, it lessens the potential fear of the blank page for your child.
  • Reset your school routine. Two weeks before the start of school gradually roll back bedtime and wake-up time. A good night’s sleep is essential for concentration during the day.
  • Reduce screen time. Start easing back on-screen time whether it’s video games, tablets, or TV.
  • Get school supplies ahead of time. This is a great way to spend more time with your child, begin school organization, and practice math skills.
  • To make mornings smoother create a visual check list. This list should include what your child needs to have prepared the night before and in the morning.  It might include having your child laying out clothes, backpacks and lunches ready the night before. This encourages independence and responsibility. (You will need to supervise younger children.) Make sure backpacks are in one location so your child will know where to find it.
  • Practice a “dry run”. Does your child take the bus? Practice how long it takes to get to the bus stop or get to school.  The first few days of school allow extra time.
  • Set up a study area. Designate an area without distractions. Stock up and organize school supplies in this location.
  • Be their biggest cheerleader. If you have a calm, positive attitude toward school your child will follow your lead. If they are nervous about a new class or new teacher, remind them that other children are nervous as well. If your child has a friend in their class, try to meet up with them ahead of time so they can walk into school together.

These tips will help ease your child back into the classroom routine and get them ready for a great school year!